Your Book Proposal

Your Book Proposal

We are pleased to evaluate proposals for books and book series within the subject areas that we are actively developing.

If you would like to publish your book with us, follow our book proposal guidelines. To propose a new series, see the series proposal guidelines. To propose a new book for an existing series, please visit the series page before submitting your proposal to check whether there are additional guidelines.

To submit, email your proposal together with any sample material as Word documents to the commissioning editor for your subject.

We ask for sole consideration of the project while it is under review.

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The Review Process

The commissioning editor will read your proposal and assess whether it fits the scope of our publishing. If it is considered both academically distinctive and commercially viable, it will be sent out to at least two readers for anonymous scholarly peer review.

Your editor will pass on the readers’ comments as soon as they are available (generally within 6 to 8 weeks). You will then be invited to respond to the reports where appropriate and to amend your proposal if necessary.

If the academic and financial criteria for a potentially successful publication have been met, the project will be presented for approval to the University of Edinburgh Academic Press Committee and the Edinburgh University Press Publishing Committee. Your editor will inform you of the publishing decision following the meeting and, if your proposal is accepted, you will receive a contract.