Scottish Studies Books

Scottish Studies Books

Scottish Studies Books

Our Scottish Studies list publishes high-quality books that appeal to the student, the academic researcher and a well-informed public readership, reflecting Scotland’s informed tradition of what George Davie called the ‘democratic intellect’.

We publish in a broad range of areas, including: 

  • Scottish history, from earliest times to the present
  • Archaeology
  • Geography
  • Cultural Studies
  • Environment
  • Scottish Literature
  • The Scottish Diaspora

We pride ourselves on our quality and on our choice of authors. In the last five years we have won several Saltire Awards for titles such as The Scottish Town in the Age of the Enlightenment 1740–1820, Scottish Gods and A Military History of Scotland.

We welcome all authors who wish to write what it means to be Scottish, in both historical and contemporary contexts. If you are interested in writing a book for our Scottish Studies list, please do get in touch.

Jen Daly

Commissioning Editor for Scottish Studies

[email protected]

New books and old favourites