Philosophy Books

Philosophy Books

Philosophy Books

We publish across a wide range of philosophical disciplines with a strong focus on Continental philosophy.  Our philosophy books are provocative and adventurous and reflect our interest in the most recent work within contemporary European thought.

Our books include introductory guides, dictionaries, academic research, authoritative reference works as well as scholarly Critical Editions and translations.

We have a range of new series to showcase our contemporary portfolio – Speculative Realism, Incitements, New Perspectives in Ontology, New Materialisms and Technicities. We are proud to publish on Scottish philosophy through the ages and on the history of philosophy more broadly. In 2017, we’ll launch The Edinburgh Critical Edition of the Complete Works of Alfred North Whitehead.

I’d love to hear what you think of our books and do get in touch if you have a project you’d like to discuss.

Carol Macdonald

Commissioning Editor for Philosophy

[email protected]

New books and old favourites